Saturday, August 25, 2012

a quick recap

(photo taken in paris, france)
i've been quite behind in documenting our european adventure! with our job, husband and i have been called back onto the road or jet setting to and from. right now i'm sitting in starbucks in northern california waiting for the husband. 3 weeks ago we were munching on warm baguettes and hot cocoa under the eiffel tower. a week and a half ago we were tasting fine wines from napa valley and eating mouth watering honey lavender ice cream in san fransisco. five days ago we were venturing the beautiful terrain of endless fields in upstate new york. and now were coasting up the 101 north breathing in the pacific breeze in this warm weather. it has been unbelievably busy but so surreal. husband and i keep pinching ourselves and think, were so grateful to God to have this job we get to enjoy together, experience together, and learn together. and yes i do have endless photos to post...oui oui!


Hannah said...

this photo has so much power but also so much silence in it! this kinda made my day. girl thank you sooo much for sharing!!

sherie amour said...

thank you so much @hannah, this means so much :)

green moth said...

Wow, your job sounds like my dream job. What do you do?

castord hanna said...

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