Sunday, August 5, 2012

hola sagrada familia!

husband and i spent our lovely time here in barcelona, spain. we visited breath-taking sites by the amazingly talented gaudi. i love his beautiful archetectural artistry, specifically at this one particular spot...sangrada familia.
his art portrayed the brilliance of his mind, with every little detail symbolizing the glorious story of the gospel...
almost every detail, in shape and form, of the sagrada familia was influenced by nature,
husband and i ventured up to the highest point in the church and overlooked a magnificent view of this beautiful city.
every step of the way, husband and i kept wide-eyed to every beautiful detail that was put into this monumental church. telling a magnificently beautiful story of God and his people. this has to be one of the best things i ever saw in person, truly breathtaking. then on we went to explore the oh so lovely barcelona, spain. to and fro rummaging our new found love for warm baguettes and tapas, to warm greetings from locals, treasuring old architecture, splashing in the warm waves of the mediterranean sea, and blissfully enjoying each little moment with my love. more to come!


semplicemente ... j said...

Love your blog ... and love Barcelona ...

How do you make those old style looking videos?

helen said...

EEE!! i loveeeeee la sagrada familia!!!! one of the best things i have ever seen in my life, too! yayayayy!!!! love you, rein!

sherie amour said...

aww thank you @semplicemente!
i use an application you can find in imovie.
its really easy! you should try it!
and @helen! its sooo wonderful!! cant wait to see you and tell you how cool spain was!

Amélie Curly said...

great photo :)