Tuesday, July 31, 2012

take a peak!

today marks the first day back from our oh so lovely traveling extravaganza! we rummaged the windy roads of sunny california for lake tahoe, braved terribly long flights to say hello to the cozy weathered england, onto flights headed towards the warm welcoming sunshine of barcelona spain, and anxiously awaited the oh so lovely paris. every step of the way was adventurous, exciting, and unforgettable. with my husband by my side, we embraced each little experience...in getting lost in alleyways, forced to communicate with the locals afraid of the language barriers, and being grateful that each and everyone we came across were ever so sweet and generous. being welcomed with open arms to everyone we came across. wide-eyed to the beauties we saw everyday. and hungry for new foodie finds we joyfully discovered! so grateful to God that he has blessed us with these very rare opportunities to take a dip into different cultures and lives of the world around. here's a little peak into our adventure! pictures galore will come shortly! oui oui!!


helen said...

reinna, you make the CUTEST videos. teach me your ways (seriously)! so happy you guys got to enjoy europa on your long-awaited honeymoon. soo glad you are back!

Ica said...

sooooo cute friend!!!