Sunday, July 22, 2012

hello barcelona!

husband and i are finally here in barcelona, spain! after a whole day shooting a wedding from the wake of morning till the end of the day, we quickly lugged our heavy luggage here and there from taxis, buses, and planes right after the wedding and did not get any sleep. as we arrive to our stay here in barcelona, there was no stopping! we quickly dropped our things in our room, and chucked on some walking shoes to see the city! oh it was absolutely lovely just walking down the market trying amazing foods! and for me im a lover for food, all kinds of foods, especially the weird ones. so right as i saw a meat stand with weird looking cured meats, husband and i braved it out and tried some bulls negro. i have no idea how its made, and it does not look that delicious at first, but it is so tasty! we paired it with quesa de campa which is a delicious goat cheese, and bought a freshly baked tomatoe pizza. my tummy was indeed happy with good food! we took our food we bought from the local market and headed straight for the beach for a little evening picnic. such a good first day in barcelona, spain! so exhausted but worth every bit. oui oui!

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Chloee said...

Mmmm that food!